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Discover The Misfit Flash Technology Gadget That Tracks Your Fitness

How To Keep On Top Of Your Fitness Regimen. A Cool Bluetooth Gadget

If you are requiring an interesting waterproof gadget to track your fitness report then here is an interesting read that monitors your details which is linked to your smart phone as the application.

The Misfit Flash

There are plenty of gadgets and technology in the field of sport & leisure to choose from. However this has to be a cheap alternative solution at $20 which has been a drop from $50 retail last year; a cost effective way to track your fitness. The product is the ‘The Misfit Flash’ It is a wearable fitness device that connects via your phone blue-tooth and syncs with your phone device application for IOS and Android. The device has 12 LED Lights that tracks traveled distance, sleep time and calories burned as well as tell the time.


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Misfit led the low-cost fitness tracker trend last year with the $50 Flash, and now the company is driving the barrier to entry even lower. Misfit cut the Flash price down to $20 on Thursday.

The $20 Flash Link, as this packaging of Flash will be called, includes the same durable, waterproof fitness tracker that tells time and other info with a circle of 12 LEDs, doubles as a button for smart-home devices and runs for 6 months on a battery charge. But it’s sold only with a small plastic clip to attach it to your tie, belt, pocket or shoe. There will also be a $30 Flash sold with the clip and the watch-like plastic band.

Using Misfit’s apps for iOS and Android, either variant of the Flash can be used as a button to send simple controls to apps and devices. For example, the Flash can be used to start and stop playlists on Spotify, secure an August Smart Lock, send a command to IFTTT, or snap a selfie in Snapchat.

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