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(VIDEO) NEW Invented Revolutionary Fitness Maxx Bench

Amazing Gravity Release For The Ultimate Lift – A Mechanical Engineer Has NOW Decided To Come Up With The New Invented Revolutionary Fitness Maxx Bench – ‘Gravity Release Bench Press’ – defining a Innovative vision…

So it’s a new age

(VIDEO) NEW Invented Revolutionary Fitness Maxx Bench. Gravity Release has approached the fitness world and ‘Dave The Engineer’ has empowered his new invented weight lifting bench press.

If you struggle with that extra bench press repetition and your muscles decide to quit on that important rep required and you realized your in deep doo-doo without having that other gym buddy to support you. What do you do then?

The idea was invented to have a foot lever to lower your body whilst trying to execute that difficult lift of weights and return the weight back to safety. The bench is maximized with gravity release equipment utilizing a custom hydraulic system. Supporting your weight lifting bench press exercise.

Enjoy The Video And Please Share This Genius Idea