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In 1776 – This Was How People Stayed Fit

Add some History to the Workout? Interesting read on How people stayed in shape in the year 1776

It’s interesting to find out about exercise ideas, what is amazing is the extent to what people used to do throughout history in order to stay healthy and fit. This article showcases what we did as human beings considering all the elements and factors that people had to live with day by day, i.e. tough living conditions, early death rates and having a bad diet; travelling back into time to the year 1776 .


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When you think about the Founding Fathers, fitness isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

Granted, things were a whole lot different in the 1700s. For one, life expectancy in the middle of the century was about 35 to 40 years old, so guys had much less time for athletics. And a man’s shelf life could also be drastically shortened by poor diet, abusive labor, and even a musket ball to the brain.

Yet despite those conditions, guys back then were actually in decent shape. In honor of Independence Day, here are four ways the colonial man might have stayed fit.

Dumbbells, Sword Dueling, Farming

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