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How To Be A Fitness Trainer

Discover great ways to build your fitness empire and be Sensational with it!

If you are an aspiring fitness trainer and want to know ‘how to be a fitness trainer’ This read will hopefully give you the motivation required to start your fitness business in the best way. If you are looking to build lead generation and be considered the new fitness professional. Here is a good read for some Hot Tips to get you going. Below has a few couple extracted ideas mentioned to follow up with to make sure your business meets all the elements to start and hit the ground running…

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It happens every year around this time: the summer slump. Walk-ins are few and far between, check-ins are down and group class attendance is even starting to dip. Not to mention the negative impact on personal training lead generation. So, we  put our heads together once again to try to figure out how to get more people in the gym.  It’s kind of like trying to reinvent the wheel every summer. Let me invite you outside the box. Here are six ideas that can boost the personal training lead generation for your team this summer.

1. Venture into the group fitness room. You won’t find a more captive audience that the people in group fitness classes. Group exercise regulars are some of your most dedicated members, especially this time of year. A trainer that teaches group exercise is always on the lookout for potential personal training clients among participants. This is where some other trainers tend to miss the personal training lead train. A trainer can gain exposure in this space in two ways.

The first way is by experiencing the class as a participant. It is amazing how many people will approach you when you are out of uniform. Another option is to ask the instructor if you can speak to the class for a minute just before the start. Trainers can use that time on the mic to introduce themselves and offer to be available after class to assist in stretching or answer any questions.

The most difficult part about this group is that they typically choose group exercise as their workout because they want to blend in rather than stand out. The thought of one-on-one attention might be intimidating. If you don’t get the response you are looking for, try again by offering a trial group training session for up to four or five people.

2. Take your workouts outside. Remember how much you loved recess as a kid? Most of our clients are cooped up in an office all day and miss the opportunity to get outside for some fresh air. Even if you just do the warm up and/or cool down outside, it is a great way to increase your visibility as a trainer as well as give your clients the recess they might be missing. You might be surprised at how many regular and prospective members take notice.

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